New Beginnings!

New Beginnings!

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed its been just over 3 years since our last blog post! Wow, how time flies! Nightfall has undergone many changes in this time period, including the completion of 5 luxury glamping tents, an upgrade of the creekside lounge and dining landscaping.

We apologise about such a space in between posts but we can assure you there will be a lot more to come!

Some of the changes over the last 3 years have also included a change in ownership with Steve and Jaide now hosting Nightfall together. Continuing to peacefully live out the passion of sustainable living in the magical wilderness setting of Lamington National Park.

We would like to pay our respects to Heidi who left Nightfall in December 2015. We are grateful for Heidi’s part in the creation of Nightfall “bringing a dream into reality.” We wish Heidi all the best in her new ventures with Zen thai shiatsu.

A fresh creative touch has been brought to nightfall through Jaide with particular influence in food, organic gardening, and delicious meals inspired by fresh produce and wild harvest.

We are so excited to be sharing the love of New beginnings and a plentitude of more magical stories and experiences to share with you all.

Warmest regards and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Jaide and Steve.