Safari Tents

Glamping Qld: secluded wilderness, rotating in-tent fireplace,vintage baths, rain-head shower and more

It’s hard to illustrate the expansive feeling which comes as you walk into a Nightfall camp custom-designed safari-tent. If the canvas walls are rolled up,  it’s a mesh room where inside appears to blur with outside. Views in every direction showcase the tent’s private forest setting and the many birds who also call the trees home. If the tent walls are down, and it’s winter, a sense of cozy intimacy pervades, as the light of the fireplace flames flicker on the canvas ceiling and the smell of wood-smoke hangs gently in the air.

The Nightfall experience stimulates the senses and imagination.

Gone is the clutter of everyday life. Less is more: each 62m2 tent hand-built, with an artisan’s touch. The tent’s wire-brushed old timber floor feels silky underfoot; the hand-carved stone basin smooth and cool; the rain-head shower and organic bedding indulgent; and the woollen throw blankets homely, as you sample the complimentary Australian sparkling wine and gourmet platter.

Nightfall’s guest tents are well spaced to ensure privacy and delicately positioned to minimise the impact on the venues’ sensitive Australian wilderness surrounds. Bathing can be fully open to the outside and the toilets flush for comfort.

Nightfall’s glamping experience allows for a fully-catered escape, with fire-cooked organic food.

Nightfall’s tents were designed and built onsite by the owners. As with any major project, there were many challenges along the journey to build Nightfall. To see and read about Nightfall’s tents being built, visit our ‘building Nightfall’ blog.