Reaching a decade is a significant achievement

Reaching a decade is a significant achievement

We will share our unique journey with you in mere moments ~ with how life has been created around us, roots established, and connections fostered and developed. This is a testament to the dedication that Steve and Jaide have to Nightfall.

From the dream of establishing a luxury-tented – camp in South East Queensland 90 minutes from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, on a stunning property at the wild edge of Lamington National Park. Reflecting on the years it took to achieve all necessary development approvals, how life was created around us. With long hold-ups during construction – with 50 days of continuous rain the only way to continue building Nightfall was with good old-fashioned people power. Our tight-knit, ever-supportive community and W.W.O.O.F volunteers – (willing workers on organic farms) stepped up to help keep things moving forward.

Then the sun came out a fresh milestone was reached that filled our hearts with joy, the Nightfall building team was back on track. Then more rain – making things very difficult to make progress on the ground to finally opening our first safari tent in March 2014, the second in July of that year, then the third safari tent in February 2015 – Roots are established.

These formative years deserve a huge thank you to Heidi Ross. We deeply appreciate Heidi’s commitment, especially through the many challenges faced – not just the weather. The years start rolling over one after another so quickly and the positive response continues to amaze us. Nightfall’s pared-back personalised experience touches the core of our guests, referrals, positive reviews and returning guests – year after year, after year. Some have returned up to 11 times WOW!! Allowing connections to be fostered and developed.

We still have a deep sense of satisfaction when watching the wowed expression of our guests when walking them into Nightfall’s spacious and private safari tents for the first time. There’s universal approval of the bespoke architect-inspired design with its generous space to lounge, play or simply retreat in by day and night. Often guests comment on the high quality, hand-crafted detail, especially the carved rock hand basin with hand-formed copper tap-ware, how soft and silky the wire brushed aged hard wood floors are underfoot, the rustic texture of the recycled bridge timber king bed head contrast to the quality linen bedding, always a highlight is the 360-degree rotating fireplace and of course the twin vintage baths.

We also love to watch the stresses of daily life lift, faces visibly relax as our guests take a deep breath in of fresh, clean air soaking up the Nightfall vibes. Perhaps it’s due to the lush forest that surrounds the camp and with more than a kilometre of crystal clear tumbling fresh waters, swimming in natural pools and spas or be it exploring in the wilds of Lamington National Park, with the majority of guests regardless of good intention for exploring and hiking often remain at Nightfall to lounge, read a book “Green Mountains” which we highly recommend, with a copy of the book in each of our safari tents, or to simply be lost daydreaming while watching nature.

Our Queensland luxury tented camp “NIGHTFALL” today – continues to inspire us, as we are often dreaming up ways to add or improve the Nightfall experience — even though our guests love Nightfall ‘just as it is’ … Steve and I have learned the value in taking a few days for ourselves to have a chance to recharge, doing the jobs and the little things that fill our cups. We enjoy exploring the 257 acres of the Nightfall site to discover the magic hidden in the forest, habitat and wildlife thriving. Spend a morning weeding the permaculture garden and checking the food forest for any edibles or jumping on our mountain bikes for a ride to the end of the road, finished with a deep dive into our private natural pool. Life at Nightfall truly is a wonderful adventure.