Land for wildlife visit

Land for wildlife visit

Images by Michael Willis @Owlcoholic_

Back in early June 2020 ( hard to believe it has nearly been a year already) a small team with Deborah Metters from South East Queensland Land For Wildlife, Scott Burnett animal ecologist from University of Sunshine Coast, and Keith McCosh from Scenic Rim Council Environment Department were conducting a study of owl roosts to help have a deeper understanding of mammal diversity in and around Lamington National Park. Here on the Nightfall site is a very special place to us… a Sooty Owl roost in a small cave near a seasonal waterfall. Keith and Deborah had visited this place before and felt the site could be of value to the studies. Below is a list of prey species found:

  • Brush tailed Phasecogale x 3
  • Chestnut mouse x 1
  • Fawn-footed Melomys x 8
  • Long-nosed Bandicoot x 7
  • Northern brown Bandicoot x 1
  • Pink-tongued Skink x 1
  • Squirrel Glider x 4
  • Sugar Glider x 3
  • Bush Rat x 6
  • Yellow-footed Antechinus x 1

Thank you to Scott for the identification of remains found. He noted the collection of bones are biased towards larger animals whose bones are more resistant to weathering. “ It’s a typical fare for a Sooty Owl” Scott said and he had never found Chestnut Mouse pellets before, a happy find. Scott waited till dark with the hope of hearing a Sooty Owl call ( which sounds like a whistling bom drop) unfortunately none was heard.

Remains found on the day.

The roost has not been used for some time although 2 years previous, Keith and I ventured to this site and were very happy to see the Sooty Owl, and only a few months prior to this visit, I heard the Sooty Owl call at night, along with a Boobook Owl.

In recent nights the Sooty Owl has been heard and we walked to the waterfall a month ago with no luck of seeing the Sooty Owl or any sign of it roosting here at present. We will head of on a bushwalk again to the waterfall and cave in the hope to see the Owl and or some indication of it roosting at this very special place at Nightfall.