For a while now we’ve dreamed of establishing a luxury tented camp on our magical property beside Lamington National park.   The years  it’s taken to achieve all the necessary development approvals have perhaps been a blessing –  we’ve had plenty of time to fine-tune our ideas about what it takes make a truly special visitor experience.

We’ve also had time to get a  feel for this secluded and wild mountain country:  we now know where the sun hits the jagged red cliff face on an April  afternoon,  reflecting in the rock-pools of the creek below (pictured above);  we know, in the dry-times,  we share  the shade of our giant fig trees with the wallabies as they come to nibble on the lush green lawns beside our creek.  And best of all:  we’re learning the secrets of Christmas Creek and loving our rapid-filled ‘spa’ pool.   As the mercury soars, many times each day we seek solace it the cool tumbling waters beside our Long Tin Shed gathering area,  often too at the end of a long hot day with friends and a chilled drink.

I wonder if our  soothing wilderness surrounds are what keeps us on an even keel in the madness of the roller-coaster adventure of building Nightfall?   It’s an incredibly exciting time as our concepts and dreams become reality,  but there are also many anxious moments.  The tents we carefully designed,  drew and re-drew so many times have angled walls and recycled wire-brushed hardwood floors (from Brisbane’s Big Red Shed).  We weren’t quite sure how they’d look,  so to see the first frame completed,  the first floor laid and oiled and the first ‘fly-sheet’ roof fitted has been a real ‘wow’ moment.  Needless to say,  we also sleep a little better at night knowing the custom-designed concept is now proven.  Next up  —   walls  …  that means fun times for this girl and her trusty old industrial sewing machine,  while her husband and the builders work to put up the next few tents.

Photos –
The first guest sleeping platform begins to take shape.  Each luxury tent sits in its own private forest clearing.

Ready for concrete - building guest sleeping platforms at Nightfall wilderness camp

The first ‘fly-sheet’ roof goes on, proving the concept and framing-up the incredible views of the rugged cliffs opposite. Lamington Plateau sits at the top of the gorge cliff-face.  When it rains,  waterfalls gush from the rock-face.

Nightfall wilderness camp luxury tent retreat - building the guest tents

In keeping with Nightfall‘s sustainable ethos,  flooring is recycled.  The wire-brush finish adds to the character.

recycled wire-brushed timber flooring - ready to install in Nightfall wilderness camp's luxury tents (3)