Blending simple luxuries with off-the-beaten-track rainforests, waterfalls and wildlife – one of the finest experiences you’ll find glamping Australia.


Rapids with private natural spa-pools beckon,  so too do wilderness massages,  lazy hammocks,  evenings under the stars beside the campfire and the decadent privacy of your tent accommodation.

Think of days where you can do as much or as little as you like … and,  even before you’re hungry,  sumptuous meals and cold drinks appear,  as if by magic.   For some the ideal is to find a relaxing spot, in the forest or beside the creek, to read, daydream or spend tender moments with a loved one.

The ultimate indulgence:  a massage by the creek or in the forest.  No pre-recorded sounds here,  just the real thing: birds, wind in the trees and the backdrop of the tumbling creek.

For those who crave adventure, energetic expeditions await.  You can head into the tangled forest on a self-directed journey or choose a unique guided-walk through privately-held conservation land and Lamington National Park.  Your local guide is an expert,  eager to share a detailed knowledge of our Lost World history,  culture,  birds,  wildlife and plants. Without formed tracks at this part of Lamington NPnightfall’s guided-adventures give access to attractions beyond the reach of the average traveller.  They are custom-designed to ensure you see our breathtaking Scenic Rim wilderness in a way which suits.


With only six adults staying at any one time,  nightfall camp is a personalised and tailored experiential travellers retreat.  nightfall’s luxury tents are well-spaced and  surrounded by forest.  If it’s privacy you seek, we’ll make sure you’re aware of the enchanting hidden spaces dotted around nightfall’s camp.  As hosts, we delight in unobtrusively ensuring your every need is met.

For those who enjoy company, like-minded guests often gather in the camp’s lounge.   It’s an opportunity to relax,  laugh and share stories around the main campfire.   Evenings are a time to watch stars and  immerse in the history,  sacred ‘dreaming’ stories and cultures of pioneers and civilisations past.  The camp kitchen is also where  your hosts prepare nightfall’s signature fire-cooked cuisine.

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